More and more I get the question: “Where is a good place to practice a story?” Many times I recommend joining Toastmasters or trying it out on a small group of friends or fellow storytellers. If I can ever clear off my plate of things that I do, I’d love to create a space online and in-person where people would come and try out stories at whatever level they happen to be.

Until then, I created a page here on Story Telling On Purpose called Storytelling Swaps and Open Mics to practice Link Here Some I have been to, some I haven’t. You can’t get better at telling your story unless you go tell your story! Be sure to tell your story on purpose.

3 thoughts on “Story Telling On Purpose Updates: Where to find story circles and open mics

  1. The link in the email below to practice open mics did not work……….    Jody
    Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2022 at 8:57 AM


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