There I sat, atop a mountain of a slide inside a roller-skating rink in Germany. You would think that I was competing in the winter Olympics given the height of the ramp. I have never had a desire to be the world’s best roller-skater. I have always had curiosity. While others may have been intimated by the mountain of doom, I just thought, “How bad can it be?”


Once on top, I realized how bad it could be. And since now I am at the top without a way to go back, I am rethinking my most current life choice. Since I could not find my courage, I instead used my youthful life inexperience to serve as the initial push. I didn’t realize one could do sub-sonic speeds on roller-skates. Luckily, social media was not yet in existence during this event in my life. Crash and burn is no exaggeration to how I landed.


Miraculously, no one saw the whole event. And since I was able to walk away (well, limp away), I figured that made it a good landing and a good lesson. The lesson? Taking a big risk may not get you a gold medal in roller stating, but it may not be the end of you either. With that, I start my journey for the blog Story Telling On Purpose. My hope is that as I experience life one story at a time, you will too.

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