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I eventually get around to doing things. I have two speeds. If you don’t like the speed I’m currently using, you sure won’t like the other one.  Thanks to the internet, I don’t bother with watching TV shows when they air. Instead, I wait a day or two and stream them to my phone or computer.


For example, I had no intentions of watching the royal wedding live. Glad they got married, but I found other things to keep me occupied that early in the morning. By Sunday, social media was flooded with all the happenings of what went on. A friend of mine shared the video at the end of this Blog post. It is of Bishop Michael Curry.  Folks are buzzing about how powerful his message was. Some will say that he preaches with an anointment. Others will say that his message of love is needed not just for the couple, but for the world as a whole. I know the real reason why people are so into his 13 mins of speaking.


Richard Greene’s Ted Talk “7 secrets of the greatest speakers in history” mentions a fact that can be found in research on public speaking. Words communicate about 7% of the impact of a message. Voice Tone is 38%. Body Language is 55%. Bishop Curry had a simple message (Love is the way). HOW he gave that message is the real reason people are hooked on it. When you watch the video, you will hear his voice increase and decrease at various points. The rate that he is speaking slows down to be heard and speeds up to get attention. And then there is his movement around the podium. He moved all around with a passion that could not be contained. Kids at Christmas probably don’t move that Much. Yet, Bishop Curry is not like some speakers who just make you dizzy. He moved with purpose. It magnified the delivery of his message. His passion can be heard and seen. In short, he did 93% of what a great speaker needed to do in order to get a message across.


What does this mean for you the storyteller? The presenter? The person trying to communicate some important message? Make people feel what you have to say. Be sure to work on the delivery of your message just as much as you work on the message itself. That’s the nuts and bolts of public speaking.



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