Take a moment to imagine the best party you have ever been to. Birthday party. Graduation party. Bachelor/bachelorette party. Party-because-it-is-Friday party. Whatever that best party is for you. Have the memory in cue? Good. You remember the sounds? The music? The conversation? What about the smell? The food on the grill? The pizza at the door? And the taste of the food? Absolutely awesome, or absolutely awful? And the touch? The leather coat. The fabric on the chair. The other person’s hand.

I’m willing to bet when that memory came to mind, you did not imagine it as the words on a word doc being typed. You did not see a piece of paper with writing on it. You had a movie in your mind. You mentally walked through the event to see the different happenings. The experience was no different than using one of the newer smartphones in virtual reality headgear. When a person uses such technology, they get to see the world of another person’s making. In doing so, they now have a part of another person’s experience. Long before fancy phones did such a thing, story made this happen.

Why would you care about sharing your experience? Why care to invite someone into your world? In you lies a perspective that others may not have considered. In you lies a truth that needs to be heard. In you lies an idea not yet thought of. A well-told story is one way to get that idea across. A properly told story can help draw people into your experience and in return, leave with them an idea, a concept, a bit of information that you want to pass on. That is just one reason to tell your story, on purpose.

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