The sign reads, “Sale! Up to 75% off!” I’ve lived long enough to know that there would be catch. My wife and I looked over the items sitting on the sales table. Upon further inspection, we found in small print “on selected items”. Shocker. We were nearing the end of the cruise. We scanned the table to see what keepsakes or gifts we could find before going home. After close inspection, I do find a watch that meets the magical 75% off. What an awesome deal! That is, until you read the retail price of $1450. At 75% off, that’s a $400 cost to me. Reducing the cost of the watch did not make it affordable.


This short episode is what I used to explain to a young person in her 20’s to rethink what she can afford. I could have just said, “Reducing the cost of an item does not make it affordable.” Good message, but doesn’t make an impact. Telling a story helps to plant the memory. It’s like taking vegetable juice and adding fruit juice to hide the flavor. Both provide useful nutrition for your body, one is just more appealing.


I’m not stating anything new. Check out this link to a story about truth and story  http://www.sanmateostorytellers.org/truth-and-story/  I tell stories for this very reason. How am I going to give someone this really important idea, theory, or concept in a way that is memorable? Telling stories for fun is great. Don’t forget to tell your story on purpose

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