The Storyteller’s Secret: From TED speakers to Business Legends, Why Some Ideas catch On and Others Don’t” by Carmine Gallo

I love watching TED talks. Video after video I get immersed in ideals and thoughts that either hit a cord with me, or change the way I think about things. I’m not sure about you, but for me, it would be great to talk on a TED stage. But just being able to talk like a TED speaker, that would be awesome. How would I do that? I wonder if there is a secret. Enter, The Storyteller’s Secret” by Carmine Gallo.

How would I sum up the book? Effective storytelling for business and leadership. Telling a story, and telling an effective story are not the same thing. Carmine weaves together science, research, and examples of stories and storytellers to help make sense of it all. Not only does he show that storytelling has a place in the work space, Carmine also where it fits and why. Each chapter has a story about the storyteller, highlighting their story skills. The result is a book packed with stories to help you and I tell better stories.

This book is a great ideal for those of us that looking to get ideals across to make progress. What kind of progress? Progress at work. Progress in your community. Progress that moves groups of people in the same direction. If you have been reading my blog post about storytelling workshops ( ) you’ll know that a number of the story groups highlighted teach storytelling for corporate use. This would be a great book to help explain why the workshop can help your organization. 

The book is an easy to read. Actually, I listened to the audio book. So technically, its easy to listen to. I see me buying the book, though, so I can reference back to some of the chapters. The book can be found in the use places of Google Play, Kindle, and other physical book stores. The book is broken up into different sections that talk about different ways to use storytelling in business. In each of those sections, a grouping of storytellers are used to strengthen the point of the book. The clip of Carmine below is a good introduction to the book. Truly, the only secret to storytelling, is that it’s not just for kids. Done effectively, it’s even better on adults.

Carmine Gallo: “The Storytellers Secret” | Talks at Google

Video web content titled: Carmine Gallo: "The Storytellers Secret" | Talks at Google

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