It’s not until I was explaining to by daughters this weekend about this podcast that I realized the title might sound a little creepy. Family Ghost by Sam Dingman is a podcast that I have been listening to for the last few months. It’s an awesome  journey into the unspoken stories people have in their life. And we get to be a part of the journey as they figure it out. Imagine the Scooby-Doo show for grown-ups. (not that I would judge you for watching the cartoon as a grown-up).

The storytelling is on point. I normally find myself waiting in the parking lot for the show to end before I can get my day started. Listening to the Bone Hill episodes (9 & 10) kept me engaged the entire time. There is a combination of Sam asking questions, the storyteller telling the stories, and even interviews with people heling the storyteller to figure out the missing pieces of the story they never knew all the details about.

The stories aren’t scary, but are suspenseful. If there are adult themes or words, there is a warning at the begin of the episode. All of it is done in good taste and have purpose in the story. One of the unexpected side effects is in listening to others uncover parts of those family history, I began to wonder more about mine. I remember my mom did one of those ancestry tracing kits a few years back. Let’s just say the results didn’t match some of the family stories. What now? I could go looking for the truth, but would I be ready for it? Would it change the stories as I know it. And what family stories am I altering for my kids now? What stories should I be telling them? Family Ghost does an excellent job of presenting excellent stories while prompting us to look for our own.

You can find the podcast on all of the normal podcast listening apps. If you are in the DC area on 18 Jul (This Thursday) you can actually check them out at Union Stage for a live show. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

The DC Show

The website

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