This is where storytelling started for me. A friend from Toastmasters, the public speaking organization, told me about a place where people stand on stage and tell stories about their life. The stories are based on the theme of that night. And they have to be about 5 mins. Why on earth would I want to do that? The timing couldn’t be better. I joined Toastmasters as a way to be a better speaker. And while I was doing fine in club events, everyone in the club understood the “Toastmaster format”. Here is the question I wanted to answer: Are my Toastmaster skills able to translate into useable skills outside of the club?

About a year later, I actually won one of The Moth monthly slams. And even though I haven’t won one since, there is something about telling and hearing stories in a raw, unexpected form that draws me there over and over again. But I have this condition called “life”. It causes me to do things like work, and help maintain a family, and a multitude of other things. So when I heard that there is a podcast that allows me to listen to The Moth whenever I have time, adding it to my playlist was a no brainer.

What I love about the podcast is I can hear great stories from around the world. Some of the storytellers are long time favorites of listeners. They deliver captivating stories time after time. Some of the people are telling for the very first time. They may not be the typical storytellers, there their stories are among the best.

The best way to experience The Moth is at one of the monthly story slams (DC as 2 every month). But if you can’t get your stories fresh from the stage, know that it can be shipped to you vis podcast. Check out the link below.

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