Came across this podcast while listening to another podcast (See my review on Family Ghost). Honestly, I wasn’t initially interested. Then I listened to the promo trailer. I’ve been listening ever since. Co-hosts Janielle Kastner and Carson McCain have a podcast that is a story in the making. No, seriously; they are making the story as they go along. After having years of little to no contact with her father, Janielle tries to connect with him only to find out he just died. How are you supposed to feel when some that by tradition, should be really close to you dies, and you feel nothing? 

With that in mind, Janielle takes you on the quirky and interesting journey of creating a story about her dad. I mean that in every sense of the word. She talks about establishing the stakes in the story, developing characters, what genre, the whole thing.

Along the way of this story I the making, it also happens to be a bit instructional in how to tell a story about your life. Thus far, she has done a great job of keeping the podcast interesting even though not even she knows what the final resolution will be. If you want to listen to a podcast that has an interesting story of self-discovery while giving you tips for telling your own personnel story, Untitled Dad Project is for you. Check out the link below to hear for yourself

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