I love science. Understanding how things work has always been super cool to me. I now love storytelling. Explaining how things work in an engaging, interesting way is just one of the reasons that I use story the way that I do. So when I learned that The Story Collider puts those two things together, I was interested right away. Then I heard that there were live shows in DC, I was hooked even more. Then I found out that here is podcast; I’m addicted. In a good way, of course.

Maryam Zaringhalam and Shane M. Hanlon produce the DC show. And they, along with other producers of The Story Collider shows across the world, seem to have a really cool theory: learning about science should be cool, fun, and engaging. I couldn’t agree with them more.

What I love about the show and the podcast is that it reminds us that really smart people, are still people. They have life happen to them. They just have a better understanding of the science that goes on behind it. Many people hold the stereotype that to have a PhD is to be super smart, but unable to connect with people. The Story Collider helps to remind us regular folks that most people who became scientists, did so to help humanity.

If you have ever heard the podcast, click the link below to start your addiction, I mean, storytelling learning below:


An if you are in the DC area on 21 Aug, catch the live show. See the link below:

Story Collider (DC)  Theme: Lost and Found

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