There are a lot of stories about Baltimore MD right now. The ones worth listening to are from the people in Baltimore. Luckily, The Stoop Storytelling Series is just the place to find them. Run by Laura Wexler and Jessica Henkin, they manage to round up storytellers from all over Baltimore that are every bit as diverse as the city itself. I managed to make it to one of their workshops (see the blog post earlier this year), but haven’t been able to make it to a live show just yet. Fortunately, they have a podcast that allows me to experience the Baltimore show while I’m my Northern VA commute.

Similar to what I love about storytelling at The Moth, I get to hear amazing stories from people who are well practiced to people who are telling for the first time. There is something about getting a story from the person that lived the story that really helps a listener to feel it. Especially when it provides a perspective you may not have thought of. A cool thing about the podcast is that Laura and Jessica provide extra value as they talk about some the details that went into the story. Sometimes this is background on the storyteller. Other times its added context that helps listeners really appreciate the stories on the show. 

Check them out The Stoop Storytelling Podcast the link below or where ever you listen to podcast at:

Want to take in the show in person? The Stoop Storytelling Series has a show coming up 24 Aug. check out the link below for more info:

Stoop Storytelling Series (Baltimore, MD) Theme: A Night of Stories & Improv Comedy

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