Watching the presiding of political trials rarely catches my interest. I wait for the highlights on the news, probably like most people. The downside to this is that the highlights may not have info in there that is important to me. Information that would change how I think about a person or issue. Too bad boring, political information can’t be told in a more interesting way. Or can it?

Enter The Report, a Lawfare Podcast Series (with local DC help from Ian Enright at Goat Rodeo). They take a look at the Muller report in a way that cuts through dry, double talk that is so common when politicians and lawyers talk in the same place. The podcast puts the Muller report in perspective as an understandable narrative. In this way, it reminds me of the Crash Course YouTube series that takes complex matters and makes them easy for others to understand.

One of the things I love about this podcast is I have an easy way to understand a matter that I should be paying attention to. Another is that I get to follow information about the Muller report without have to actually take up large part of my work day to hear it. Instead I listen to it on my commute. In the DC, MD, VA area, we know that’s a lot of time.

Click on the link below for one of the many places you can find this podcast. It’s also available on Apple Podcast & Spotify

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