I’ve read just about everyone of Malcolm Gladwell’s books. And every time, I have been wrapped up the stories he tells. Especially when he retells them from a different perspective. So when he came out with the Podcast Revisiontist History, adding that to my podcast playlist was a no brainer. I haven’t been disappointed. I take that back. The only time I have been disappointed is when I had to wait between seasons.

Gladwell’s podcast, like his books, finds obscure, little know stories. Then he shows us how those stories have an bigger impact on the world than we would have thought. What captivates my attention is not just the stories, but how he tells these stories and keeps the listener on the hook. There is this combination of interviews, his thoughts, and research that brings things to life.

Click on the link below to hear the podcast for yourself. (also found on iTunes, Sticher, and other places)


And if you are free this evening (11 Sep 2019), you may be able to still get tickets for a live event he’ll be at in DC. See below:

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