Why people think the way they think has always fascinated me. There was a time when I would read every page of research I could to learn more about How people think. The quirks related to human personality and thinking intrigue me. Like many here in the DC area, I spend a considerable amount of time on the road. If driving and texting are bad, reading an entire research paper probably isn’t better. Luckily for me, there is the “Hidden Brain” podcast.

All of the episodes are evolving research into some area of human thinking. Normally, it starts with a story related to the brain, then digs deeper into the research say about the why the brain is doing what it does. Despite talking about some high level concepts, the interviews and stories make easy to digest in a show that is less than an hour.

One of the thing that really has meaning for me comes at the end of every podcast. The host acknowledges an unsung hero. A person that help at something to the show that the listeners would not have known about. Perhaps it just me, but there is something about simple gratitude that I really appreciate. 

Check out the podcast here:


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