There is a whole lot to being a mother. Sure, dads have their share of stuff to deal with. Hearing stories about the  ups and downs of being a mother helps me to see a world I don’t live in. Being in the presence of my mom and my wife and all the other mom’s that I know doesn’t mean I know their view. That is the draw of the storytelling podcast Expressing Motherhood. It’s based out on the west coast on a regular storytelling show. Most of the storytellers are women talking about being a mom, or interacting with other moms in all of the many parts. The creators, Shannon Noel and Stacie Burrows, were aiming for a platform to everyday moms to tell their extraordinary stories. In that measure, I’ll say they succeeded in doing just that. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the link below for more info about the podcast.

Find more info about the podcast here:

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