I am consistently on the lookout for ways to improve. A number of the storytelling podcasts I have recommended so far are more about enjoying a story, learning about a topic, or sharing a particular view. The Speak Up podcast helps me to meet a different need: getting better at telling stories. Matthew and Elysha Dicks have been doing the podcast for about 1 year, but have been producing the Speak-Up storytelling show for far longer. In addition to that, Matthew Dicks has won The Moth monthly and grand slam multiple times. A few months ago, Matt wrote a book “Storyworthy” see my book review here (https://stop365.blog/2019/01/25/book-review-storyworthy/) .

The podcast  features people who have told stories as a part of the Speak Up shows. It covers what went well with the crafting of the story, and what else the storyteller could consider to make it even better. What I love about this insight is that it gives me insight into things to try with storytelling. I’m still trying to read more books about storytelling, but time is limited. So podcast like “Speak Up” are a great way to learn while I drive. If you are a person, looking to improve how you tell stories, this is one way to get better while driving around the DC area.

Check out the Podcast for yourself here:


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