What makes me thankful? From 1 Nov to 30 Nov there are 32 storytelling shows on this list! There could be more, but this is all that I could find before posting. What makes me even more thankful is that I am telling stories in 2 of them (along with performing in a standup comedy show). What would make me even more thankful is for you to go out to a show and enjoy some stories! (Bonus if it happens to be the shows I’m in. More about them in another post).

Want your show listed in a monthly blogpost? Send me info about date, time, place, and a link to your site to storytellingonpurpose365@gmail.com. I’d love to hear about, and so would the rest of the DMV.

  • 21 Nov
    • Story District (DC) Storytelling 101 Graduation
    • The Stoop Storytelling Series (Baltimore, MD) Theme: In Search of Safety: Stories about migration, displacement, and advocating for refugees and asylum seekers

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