On May 8th of this year, it fully dawned on me what I had gotten myself into. That evening, just finished watching The Storytelling Boot Camp 101 class graduation show. Students connected to the military spent weeks, at no cost, learning the art and craft of storytelling. As people mingle and talk, I can feel the new stories bursting out. The new found version of themselves they didn’t know existed. The connection to a new cohort of people getting ready for a new adventure. Life outside of the military exists. And they couldn’t be more ready to live it fully.

At no point in  life have I ever considered myself artistic. And yet, as I take class after class after class with ASAP, find a version of myself I didn’t know existed. With your help, more people affiliated with the military can do the same. Amid all the sale and specials you take in this week, give to the program, take in a show, help someone find life beyond the military.

Right now, the Armed Service Arts Performance (ASAP) is running a campaign to raise money for the programs it runs. Today is the last day of the campaign. Take a moment to really thank a veteran today; click on the link and give to ASAP. Give to an organization that is giving so much back to veterans.


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