After completing a dozen or so articles about storytelling podcast, I have only been able to give you a peek into what’s available. I haven’t finished all of the storytelling podcast I listen to. I haven’t gotten into the storytelling podcast people have recommended to me after reading the articles. It sure has been fun trying. I’ll plan to sprinkle more about storytelling podcast as time goes on. Be on the lookout for articles about “Tell Me More…”, “Risk”, and “Invisibla” to name a few.

In the meantime, know this: there is nothing like hearing a story first hand. There is something about seeing the storyteller and hearing the story then and there and gives extra feeling to meaning. But let’s face it, with on average of 25 storytelling shows a month in the DMV, you aren’t making them all. Storytelling podcast are a great way to get your fix of stories until you make it to a live show. Thanks for following along. Stay tuned as I wrap-up the 2019 storytelling year here in the DMV, while taking a peek at what 2020 has to offer. 

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