With the times being as turbulent and change as they are at the moment, many people have a bit of anxiety. My anxiety? Going 2-4 weeks without attending a Storytelling Show. On the surface, it pales in comparison to challenges of getting sick, rearranging life schedules, and finding toilet paper.

Then I watched in my social media circles how cut off from life many will be without an outlet to tell or hear stories. My heart is warmed all over as I watch storytellers near and far prepare to deliver stories of the real world in the virtual world. Then I remembered; I know where people can get stories! (After 3 years of tracking them in DC, MD, and VA, I may have learned a thing or two.) Where can you find Storytelling while practicing social distancing? Podcast!

There are so many Storytelling podcast to choose from. If you search for “Podcast Post” on my blog Story Telling On Purpose, you can find some of the reviews I did for many of the Storytelling podcast I listen to. Below is a complete list that I have at the moment. Plugging in the name into your favorite place for podcast should help you find them.

  • #IfYouCouldSeeMe
  • Embedded
  • Expressing Motherhood
  • Family Ghosts
  • Fireman Stories
  • Invisibilia
  • Revisionist History
  • Speak Up
  • Story District
  • Story Corps
  • Tell Me More…Live Storytelling
  • The Moth
  • The Impeachment
  • The Stoop Storytelling Series
  • The Story Collider
  • Untitled Dad Project

There is no telling how long we will have to miss the energy of being at live shows. But at least you’ll have places to listen to stories in the comfort of your own home.

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