Over the last 3 years I focused my blog on storytelling events in the DC, MD, and VA area. It’s not that I have blinders on, but I figure that was all the storytelling world I could handle. It’s a lot of info to track down. And I figure that it would be easier for people to attend events and classes if they are local.  There is just so much.

Now, as the storytelling world takes a moment to reposition itself in this new version of the world, I’ve decided to do the same. Over the next few post, I will be highlighting things about storytelling that will help connect storytellers and story listeners around national and the world. Because so many events and classes are online right now, folks from the DC, MD, and VA area now have access to storytelling across the world. And the word now has access to storytelling in the DC, MD, and VA area.

Don’t over think this, though. I will not be covering every storytelling event in the world. I do know people and groups who do. Expect that over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing those folks to you. To start us off, I will give you a listing of the storytelling groups that I am connected to on Facebook. There are easily, many, many, more. I hope is that out of this list, there are a few that you may not have heard of and would consider checking out. I don’t know everything about storytelling, but I’ll tell you what I know.

Facebook Storytelling Groups

  • National Storytelling Festival
    • I haven’t been to the annual festival yet, but I look forward to getting a change to be there. This group is a great way of connecting to those show have been. You will find yourself with over 30 yrs of experiences to learn from.

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