In 2019, I did a series of blog post highlighting story telling workshops in the DC, MD, VA area. If you are person from beginner to a storytelling vet, taking a class or workshop is a great way to get feedback or work through tough spots in stories. I’ve been telling stories for about 5 year. I have taken 3 workshops with Better Said Than Done and The Stoop Storytelling series. Every time I’ve come away with great stories to use later.

With the quarantine happing, a number of storytellers and story organizations have moved classes and workshops online. Currently, I am taking on through Armed Services Arts Performance (ASAP). It’s being taught by instructors from Story District, who also teach classes online outside of the military community. The people and workshops that I know of are below, but I bet there are many, more. I see individuals posting in the storytelling groups, so be sure to check them out. Be on the lookout for me to add an extra page to my blog just for virtual storytelling workshops and classes. Until then, take a class and work on your stories!

(Please note that times, availability, and eligibility will vary. Check the links for details.) 

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