I did my best. Moving between a PowerPoint, a computer camera, and breakout rooms, I tried to answer the question, “Where is a good place to find a personal story?” About a week ago, I did a workshop for the District 29 Toastmasters Conference titled “Small Story, Big Impact” (Click here for the workshop)  Over the course of an hour, I navigated as quickly as possible in our Zoom meeting on what I understand about story structure, and were I find stories I tell. Anyone that tells stories can look at the workshop and see there was a lot I left out.

One of the best things I have found about telling stories is reliving memories. Moments that would have come and gone out of my life. Some of those memories are just a joy to see again. Others are more painful, but remind me of how I became the person I am. And now that I pay attention to these moments, I appreciate life so much more. I find that it also helps me to untangle my thoughts. Writing (typing) out stories, saying them to others, connecting to others. It becomes a great way to journey through life together, especially if it’s a difficult part.

I wasn’t fully aware that others, some storytellers, some not, had trouble finding stories from their life to talk about. So for this next series of blog post, I plan to explain how I find the stores I use. Not because I have an infinite about of storytelling knowledge to pass on to others. Instead, I feel compelled to share these ideas because many people are going through some hard times, and probably need others to go on a journey with them. Or perhaps during these crazy times, you found one good thing and you want to hold on to that memory forever.

I’ll be talking about the ways I find stories from workshops and classes I have taken, the books I have read, and my favorite ones, the ways that my mentors have guided me in finding important, funny, life changing moments to share with others. All I ask is of you is to follow me on by blog and social media as we take a storytelling journey to tell your story on purpose.

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