The months of the year keep coming, and so do the storytelling shows! June is here (technically, almost here, but you get the point). In a recent storytelling event with Sean Wellington the conversation was on the subject of negatives and positives of quarantine. There is no shortage of negatives. One of the unexpected positives is that people are connecting to others on a global level unlike before.

While I normally only cover the DC, MD, and VA area, with all shows being online now, I have broaden my scope of storytelling so you can broaden your scope of story listening. With that in mind, do take a look at the blog Artist Standing Strong Together (ASST) ( as well as The National Storyteller Network (NSN) ( as both of them have story shows that I may not have listed myself.

This month has some extra special treats such as:

  • National Storytelling Network (NSN) will be hosting a multiday day conference for the whole first week of June
  • Replay Storytelling will be host 24 hrs straight of storytelling

In both of those cases, storytellers from around the world will be delivering stories to where ever in the world you are.

One final note, I have links to shows and the days they will happen, but the info about time, tickets, and other info you are going to have to click on the links, or check out their website or Facebook page. Pay particular attention to the time zone, as these shows are coming from all over the US, and in some cases the world. Happy storylistening!

Over a range of dates

2 thoughts on “June is here, Summer is here, Stories are here!

    1. I don’t always know all the events that get posted there. At times, I have even used the VITG as a reference. If you put your info in the contact page, we can talk more about the best way to tell people about all the cool events.


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