I still think back to the public speaking mentor who said to me “Write a story about your life everyday”. At the time, it seemed like a daunting task. “I’m not that interesting”, “There is nothing inspiring about me”, and “Who cares about the small moments in my life” were all the things that went through my mind. Surely, there won’t be many stories for me to tell.

Now I have to get help sort through stories to be able to do on stage. When it comes to telling personal narrative stories, finding stories to tell is just a skill. A skill that as I do it more, I get better at. I may have great stories to tell, but I don’t have your stories to tell. If you use the ideals I spoke about in this blog series, then great. If you use some other method, then that’s great too. I implore you to go find your stories. The world will be a better place by hearing your story on purpose.

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