The person below reached out to me a few days ago asking that I share info about a show he is casting for. While I don’t know him personally, here is some additional information that he shared while on a phone conversation:

  1. Looking for storytellers to share a show to be turned into an show episode
  2. No talk of pay, but did talk about being flown to the location for the interview and shooting the show (covid-19 restrictions pending)
  3. Looking for far-out, funny stories (by stories, there must be a story structure)
  4. It’s the American version of a show shown in Australia

Feel free to check out the description, links, and the casting person below

“True Story” is based on an Australian show and the premise is that we bring on funny people to tell funny, hard to believe stories.

The stories are told to a celebrity host and then the stories are reenacted and filmed and turned into a TV sitcom episode.

Josh Paris

City Media Entertainment


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