If there is ever a year that needed the skill and gift of storytelling, 2020 is it. From profound pain to powerful purpose, there is a lot that needs to be remembered. Documenting the facts are not quite the same as telling the story. We need both. The world needs both.

Long before the pandemic, I worked to at least once a day write down thoughts and potential stories to later go back to share. Some of the moments that stand out to me:

• Making box forts with Baby Girl

• Getting a COVID 19 test, and then trying to convince Baby Girl that it didn't hurt

• Watching my mom do for my kid that my grandmom did for me

• Learning that fireworks season in the US is apparently from June to December

• Watching the entire Star Wars movie series instead of watching the US election

I’m not sure what your 2020 stories are, but I know you have them. Hopefully you can find the positive or inspirational part. The world is going to need your stories. Doesn’t matter if you are a practiced storyteller or never done it before. The facts of the year will get recorded as they always so. The wisdom and understanding of the year won’t happen without the stories. The funny, the sad, the insproation, the heartbreaking. I look forward to telling you all about the storytelling places and spaces so you can tell your story on purpose.

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