A lot has changed since last year. Here are some highlights of what I remember:

  • I have watched all of the Star Wars movies ever
  • I am an apprentice box fort build with my daughter overseeing my training
  • I think there is some political stuff going on, but I’m not sure. I was busy watching Star Wars and building box forts.

In the storytelling world, many storytellers and storytelling groups have adapted to being physically separated by connecting on the internet more. Here starts the beginning of me updating my “Connecting Storytellers to Storytellers” series from 2020. You don’t have to be a story teller in the official sense. Anyone can and should take advantage of the this and upcoming lists I plan to post. The idea is to give people a starting point to connect with storytellers and the stories they tell.

To start the series, I’ll be listing Facebook groups. The list below varies from ones that just advertise shows, ones that take a deep dive into performing stories, or ones that are just fun places to hear storytelling.

Just to show how many new Facebook groups I have come across, I broke up the list between the ones I knew before the Pandemic, and the one’s I know now. WOW! Be sure to click on the like and check out the about section to see which groups are the right ones for you. In case you are wondering, yes, I’m a member of all the ones listed below. Go find place to connect to stories on purpose.

Facebook Storytelling Groups I knew about BEFORE the Pandemic

Facebook Storytelling Groups I know about AFTER the Pandemic started

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