I never watched the TV show “Lost”. Not that it ever seemed bad, it just didn’t get my attention well enough to sit down and watch it. From what I understand of it, a plane crashes on a remote island and people have to survive this new place in life until they can get back to home to a normal life. I envision it to a modern, serious version of “Gilligan’s Island” with more people. As the pandemic restrictions are beginning to lift in some areas, I wonder if I should have watched the show for a template.

Ready or not, parts of the world are opening up. Just like the folks in the tv show, we made adjustments to in order to survive. No matter where you are, you have hope that it would be temporary. That someday we will be back to our normal lives. What I am willing to bet, and some of you realize this already, is that there is not getting back to normal. After all, once you have experience something, you can’t un-experience it. It makes me wonder not only how we will go on living, but what will exist un our new reality.

Technically, I am internationally known

Over the pandemic, I got to do shows in California, Colorado, Canada, South Carolina, Boston, NJ, and England. I met people around the world that I have heard of, but never thought I would get the chance to work with. I met others that aren’t as famous, but are doing amazing things. As cool as all this is, not all of it will survive the transition back to being in-person. Here is what I hope continues for everyone:

  1. Finding and connecting with people that help to uplift you
  2. Having spaces to work on being creative with the benefit of having different perspectives
  3. And my personal favorite, being able to do shows and workshops and still put my kid to bed most nights

Time for Spring Cleaning

As the world makes into various stages of opening up, we’ll all have a chance to figure out what stays in our lives and what goes. For better or worse, everyone has had to reevaluate the people, places, and things they are connected. To see what continues on after getting rescued from being stranded in chaos. My hope is that you are able to keep the good and avoid the bad if at all possible. I leave you with this question ”What good thing are you hoping to take with you out of the pandemic?” Whatever it is, try to take it with a purpose. 

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