I know, I know. There are so many national and international days to observe, who can keep track, right? Some are silly and fun, like National Pie day (3/14) were you celebrate by eating your favorite pie (yes, I made sure to celebrate that!). International Women’s day (3/8) was also this month to help bring to the forefront the importance of women in society. And This weekend is World Storytelling Day (3/20).

What is world storytelling day? It’s a day set aside to celebrate, enjoy, and experience the art of oral storytelling. All across the world. In different cultures and countries, people will have activities, shows, and festivals celebrating stories form all types of genres (see here for a blog post I did while back about different storytelling genres).

How am I celebrating? Well, for the 3rd year in a row I am helping with Better Said Than Done’s Women’s Storytelling Festival! There will be phenomenal women storytellers from all over coming to Northern VA starting tonight. They will be telling stories of all types all weekend long. Using all of the appropriate covid-19 precautions, we will have in-person shows featuring more storytellers than I can list here. Can’t make it here physically? Not sure if being around people is right for you just yet? Now worries! The Women’s Storytelling Festival will be live streamed as well! You can experience the entire weekend, or just a one day pass. Go to this link to get tickets and information: https://www.bettersaidthandone.com/womens-festival/

If you are someone who loves oral storytelling, or someone who is just wondering what is this storytelling thing all about, World Storytelling Day is the perfect day check out storytelling. The Women’s Storytelling Festival is a great way to experience it. Be sure to click on the link to get your ticket!  https://www.bettersaidthandone.com/2021/12/06/2022-womens-story-fest-tickets/

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