Technically, the anniversary for the Story Telling On Purpose blog is May 14th, so this post is a bit early. Looking at the insights section from WordPress, there have been about 13K views, just over 8K visitors, and I’ve posted 290 times (not including this one). I have zero idea how that compares to how blogs do. I couldn’t tell you if I have reached a lot of people. My hope is that I reach the right people. People who have never heard of storytelling other than storytime at library (which is still storytelling, just not the only form). My hope is that people looking to experience storytelling in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, or online have found storytelling experiences and more. My hope is that the things I have learned about storytelling have become the things you have learned about storytelling. Perhaps it confirmed what you thought you knew. Or at least, challenged what you thought you knew.

As I’m looking forward to what’s next, I do wonder the question, “Are the readers getting what they need?” I’m planning a few series of blogs that highlight finding answers to questions that people have about Storytelling. It will be me surveying and interviewing people with the answers to those questions.

Updates to the site are long overdue. I’ll be adding a section just for shows that are more regular in nature. I plan to try to include places to practice storytelling. And if possible, add a section that goes deeper into storytelling topics.

But what else would you all like to see? Understand, I can’t promise that all of what you ask for is something I can do. But if I can, I’d like to try. You can send me an email at . You can comment on the blog post or where ever you see this post. I’d love to continue to info about storytelling so you can continue to tell your story, on purpose.

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