Another change you can expect to see at Story Telling On Purpose is the type of blog post you’ll. I’ll keep posting topics like where to find shows, or where to find parts of the storytelling community. The post that deals with crafting stories will move to 2 other places.

  1. Stories, Jokes, and Talks with Folks
    2. I plan to spend more time here exploring the nuts and bolts of putting together stories, understanding the different parts, and testing what works. For example, on Wednesday, I’ll be starting a blog post series about story structure that will go for a few weeks.
  1. The National Storytelling Network monthly publication The Story Beast
    2. For this publication, I am the editor of the Story Craft and Innovations Section. You won’t just see articles from me. With the help of others in the storytelling community, I will be gathering thoughts and ideas for putting together stories for the best impact and enjoyment. We will explore what people do with stories and how they do it.

With these changes, I hope to provide a more focused approach to working on skill development for folks that want to improve in telling stories. I don’t have all the answers, but it will be fun to find them together! Here is what you can to come along for the ride:

  • Make sure you are following the Stories, Jokes, and Talks with Folks Blog so you can see the post about crafting stories on Wednesdays
  • Be on the lookout for The Story Beast publication coming in July. The Story Craft and Innovations section is just one part of the many storytelling gems you will see there. As a matter of fact, if you have story-related articles to submit, you can send them in to be considered. Check out  to get an idea of what to send.

I’m looking forward to sharing articles with you about crafting stories as we take a journey of sharing stories on purpose!

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