Life has been busy, but I have been lucky enough to still squeeze in telling stories and jokes and talks with folks! I just finished assisting the Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) with a 6-week storytelling class. There is another one coming in the fall, plus some 3 hr workshops as well. If you are connected to the military (active duty, retired, spouse, dependant, civilian contactor) Check out the site more for info on how to apply (Click Here)

I’m back active in Toastmasters! Besides working on the training courses they use to help members practice public speaking, I have also been doing guest speaking at clubs. It’s given me a chance to test out different ideas for workshops and webinars that I want to provide. I’ll also be competing in the Humorous Speech Contest this fall. As I advance, you will be able to find more info about the next competition dates at the link below.

And finally, I still get to do comedy this month! Sep 11th I get to perform with Interfaith Comedy as we use comedy to bring together people of different religious backgrounds. On the 24th Clean AF Comedy is back together again with a special guest telling jokes at a resort. In both cases, we will be telling jokes to folks, no fuss, no cuss! Click on the link to check us out!

Hiring Nick Baskerville

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