As I get ready to move from one assignment to another in the fire department, the inevitable has to happen: moving day. Tell me if this sounds familiar. You box up belongings from one place to take to another place. While packing, you begin reevaluating what you have and asking, “I should keep it?” The lava lamp that I have had for years is cool, but I haven’t even turned it on in the last year. Why do I have a lunch receipt from the Mexican restaurant? Ah, there is that form I needed for class a few months ago. Is this sounding familiar to anyone else?

I got a new cell phone about one month ago. Instead of doing the automatic transfer of apps from one phone to the next, I decided to only add what I thought I would keep using. This brought me to the Clubhouse app. Back in Aug of 2021, I did a post about being on the social media app Clubhouse (See Here). In summary, it’s a social media app that allows users to meet like Zoom or Google Meet, but with voice only. In Aug of last year, I was one of the late adopters; Clubhouse had been out for a year before that. Now that I am evaluating it, should I keep it?

My verdict

Well, it’s alright. I’ve become a member of some groups. Most of these have to do with Toastmasters, storytelling, and public speaking. I joined a few discussions about podcasting and other things I’m trying to learn about. Spoke on it a few times in the rooms. This allowed me to test my ideas about teaching and understanding storytelling. And, I’ve made some great connections. I have been booked on some events or just had some really great conversations about topics that I am interested in. 

Like all social media, Clubhouse can suck time away from your day if you let it. There are, of course, debates and problems held in the rooms that can turn negative at times. Some bugs are constantly getting worked out. All and all, it’s not bad if you have a defined purpose of why you are there and how much time to plan to give to it. If you do, look me up, and let’s connect. I’d love to hear you tell your story, on purpose.

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