So, what did you start doing during the pandemic that you are still doing? For the  4th year in a row, I’ll be doing blog posts to help connect storytellers and storylisteners. Connect them to what? Things like:

  1. Finding storytelling groups on Facebook
  2. Finding places to learn, refine, and practice storytelling
  3. Finding Storytelling Festivals
  4. Finding organizations that focus on storytelling

I put limits on what gets included. There is so much storytelling in the world; I can’t track it all and have a normal life. The limits are:

  1. Other than festivals, I only track in-person shows in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.
  2. I only report on the stuff that I know. I’m sure there is more in the storytelling world than what is known to me. Be sure you are looking as well.
  3. I am more than willing to track other story-related things that happen online wherever they happen. Not everything may fit in the areas I have. Look through the pages I have, and read the post to get an idea of what might work. If you have questions, feel free to send me an email at

Speaking of looking through pages on my blog, check out what’s there currently. I just updated the page Storytelling Places and Spaces and Storytelling Swaps and Open Mics to Practice Stories. I’m considering adding a page for show organizers to seek storytellers for their shows. We’ll see what the interest may be.

The storytelling world is one of the best things I have come across in my life. I use stories to teach, explain, inspire and entertain. My hope is that this blog and this blog series will help you do the same. My hope is that Story Telling On Purpose will help you to tell your story on purpose.

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