March is here! Women’s History Month is here! Stories are here! There are tons and tons of opportunities listed below to hear stories from and about women. Everything from stories from Black women barbers to my personal favorite, The Women’s Storytelling Festival being held in Fairfax, VA. And don’t forget about the fact that 20 Mar is Internal Storytelling Day, a day celebrated worldwide for the art and craft of telling stories. (Click here for more info)

Note: I ran a bit behind in putting this list together this month. While I’ll update it more in a few days, be sure to check the links in the following paragraph as well. They have a lot of show listings as well.)

While I normally only cover the DC, MD, and VA area, with all shows being online now, I have broaden my scope of storytelling so you can broaden your scope of story listening. With that in mind, do take a look at the Virginia Storytelling Alliance (VASA) Website ( as well as The National Storyteller Network (NSN) (, The Northeast Storytelling website (, The Voices in the Glen Storytelling Guild ( and Chicago Storytelling as they have story shows that I may not have listed myself.

An important note, I have links to shows and the days they will happen, but the info about time, tickets, and other info you are going to have to click on the links, or check out their website or Facebook page. Pay particular attention to the time zone, as these shows are coming from all over the US, and in some cases the world.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to check for events. Some events that happen multiple times in a week or month are listed at the bottom.

Happy storylistening!

Over a range of dates or regularly reoccurring

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