I would have told you sooner, but I wasn’t sure it was real. But when I saw my name listed on the TEDxWoodbridge site (See Here), I kinda have a feeling it’s about to happen. This Saturday, I will have 18 mins to leave the audience, and hopefully, people who see it online after that, with a new way of thinking about a topic. So over this next week, I’ll be thinking about the following:

  • I get to combine comedy, storytelling, and the fire service into 18 mins of me saying words that are connected to one idea.
  • I’m hoping to live up to the quote, “The best thing an old firefighter can teach a new firefighter is how to be an old firefighter.”
  • And the reason this talk is important to me is this quote from the Carl Holmes Executive Development Institute “All that I am, I owe, I live eternally in the red.”

Once the video gets posted, I will share the link with you. Until then, I better get to practicing these words!

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