The question was “Why come out to a storytelling workshop” When she replied “Learning self-compassion.”, I knew she understood the true power of storytelling. “She” happens to be Erin Mahone, the creator of the #ifyoucouldseeme project and ReStory Storytelling workshops. Working out of the Richmond, VA area, Erin is also an author and TEDx speaker. Officially, she has been telling stories on stage since 2014. Since the age of 2, however, she has been involved in performing arts in many forms. If you are feeling like you are a slouch compared to her, I get it. At 2, I was involved in walking, being spoiled by Grandmom, and saying “No” to anything I didn’t like. I think Erin got off to a better start.

When I watched the TEDx talk (link at the end of the article), she makes mention of the stories she heard at home. What struck accord with me was the statement “When you grow up in the midst of amazing people, you don’t know you are growing up in the midst of amazing people. They are just your people.” Those people are her grandparents. They taught her not to be ashamed of her mental health, and how to tell a good story. Now that she is older, Erin wants others to know, too. Her ReStory storytelling workshops are a way of helping others to redefine their own personal story as a way of heal and inspiration. In our conversation, Erin described her storytelling workshops as “a tool for personal growth” and “a way to use writing and storytelling for developing mindfulness and compassion”.

Erin uses the workshops to help people develop a supportive connection throughout the story creating process. Classes are normally between 5- 10 people. Classes meet once a week for about 6 weeks. While one set of classes starts 7 Jan, another starts 18 Jan. Click on this link for details (

Erin Mahone is has taken the power of story and put it into her personal story, her storytelling workshop, her book, and the #ifyoucouldseeme project ( Erin’s workshop will help anyone tell a better story. If you are looking for a way to process your story either for your healing, or to help others heal, this workshop is for you. Let Erin Mahone help you tell your story on purpose.  On 11 Jan you can see Erin and a group of storytellers perform in the next #IfYouCouldSeeMe show in Richmond. Click the link below for tickets

#IfYouCouldSeeMe: The Women Speak

Erin Mahone’s TEDx talk

If You Could See Me – A Mental Health Story | Erin Lessin Mahone | TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen

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