As March comes to a close, so does my series on storytelling workshops. There are still many more workshops, particularly here in the DC, MD, VA area. I even found some that can done online. In my short journey into storytelling, I have found that there is so much more than what I could have realized. There is so much potential of what storytelling can do. Telling a story about struggles (, telling bringing out history( , telling stories that connect with people ( , or telling stories about the best version of you are all possible (

Storytelling is a skill. Not a superpower bestowed on a few. Not something you are born with. It is Something that given practice, everyone can improve on. It’s not about telling stories on stage, it about telling your story to others. Sometimes on stage, sometimes at work, sometimes to politicians, sometimes as bed time stories.

Many of the storytelling workshops grew out helping people tell a story on stage. Learn a new skill. Improve your current skill. Go to a storytelling workshop. Check out the Storytelling Places and Spaces page as I track storytelling in the area. Like and follow Story Telling On Purpose as I continue to find all that I can about storytelling, and take you along for the ride. 

P.S. I’d love to hear some feedback about the first blog post series on storytelling!

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