My grandmom is the very first storyteller I remember. I’m sure my mom read me stories, and I heard some in school, but sitting in the living room of her row-house in North Philadelphia, PA, grandmom told stories different.  She’s didn’t just tell stories, she made world’s appear for places and times I never knew about. I learned everything from stories about my mom and uncle, to Aesop Fables that I read to Baby Girl even now. Knowing what I know now, I’d take more time to learn how she did what she did.

So I know what storytelling did for me, but what about others? Not just the people listing, but the people telling the stories themselves? What got them started? Why keep telling? Why tell at all? Over the next 3 months, I hope to bring you those answers and more. I’ll be posting about storytellers from the DC, MD, and VA area. Who knows. You might see a bit of you in these folks. If so, you’ll see that you too can tell your story on purpose.

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