I remember living near Tokyo, Japan and saying “my God, this must be the worst traffic in the world.” I now see that I was being prepared to live in the DC area. I love the activities in DC, but could do without the drive. So, when I heard about Better Said Than Done in Northern VA, I figure why not give it a try. Now, I make sure to listen, tell stories, and sometimes host the show whenever I can. A few months ago, I attended one of the half-day workshops run by founder Jessica Robinson. I’m here to tell you, you should too.

Jessica founded Better Said Than Done in 2011 and by 2012 added workshops to help people tell their stories. Why? Like I said, sometimes, driving and parking in DC is less than desirable. Actually, it just sucks. Driving somewhere with a little less traffic and a lot more parking is a win in my book.

But what is it like when you get there? It is this great, cozy space that allows people to tell and hear stories that are funny, and touching, and impactful, and more. Stories may just happen, but telling others about those stories takes some work. Luckily, Better Said Than done has workshops for that.

There are a few different options for learning storytelling. First, there are the Spotlight Workshops. These are about a half day long and are pretty flexible. What is covered depends on the make-up of the students there. They tend to be a great way for the brand-new person to learn what storytelling is. For the more experienced person, it is a great way to work through trouble spots.

Another style of workshop offered is Your Story, Your Life. It’s a 5-week course that gets into the nuts and bolts of storytelling. You bring the potential story, and you get

feedback on what can be done next. Everything from how to structure the story, where humor works best, ways to develop a character, and more. A workshop like this is great if you have a few short (5-8 min) stories you are working on, or longer (20 min or more) story you are trying to work though.

Finally, Jessica helps corporations with storytelling and public speaking in general. Surprised about storytelling in business? It makes sense that an organization has to explain its purpose to customers, workers, and other business partners. By constructing an effective story with Better Said Than Done, businesses will be able to do just that. Jessica can even tailor the training to the specific needs of the organization.

Still not sure that a storytelling workshop may be for you? As Jessica and I spoke more, she brought up a really good benefit outside of those mentioned already. Getting into the storytelling habit will help you put your thoughts in order much more effectively. This rethinking of thinking will help with presentations as well as explaining and working through problems. Most importantly, stories connect people. Even if you never tell a story on a stage, connecting with family, friends, and community are all done in stories.

Why come out for a workshop? I just told a story last week that was just an idea that Jessica helped me work through in a workshop in Dec. it was a fun, low-pressure way to work through some thought in my mind, and useful perspectives I had not seen before.

Looking for a fun, insightful way to learn about storytelling without the DC parking? Better Said Than Done has what you are looking for. See below for the next upcoming workshop dates, upcoming shows, and the book that hold courageous stories from women. Hurry and get tickets online for the shows! You won’t be disappointed.


Spotlight on You Workshop, March 16, 2019, in Vienna, VA, 1PM – 5PM

A 4-hour workshop where you will learn structure, character building, and how to win the audience over, through our teacher’s method of storytelling coaching. For storytellers of all levels. Students should come with an idea for a story and will leave with a story ready to tell.


Tales of Adventure: Tru-ish stories of (mis)adventure

The Auld Shebeen (DOWNSTAIRS)

3971 Chain Bridge Rd., Fairfax, VA 22030

March 9, 2019

6:00 PM Doors Open/7:00 PM Show

Full drink and dinner menu available for purchase

Seating is on a first come, first served basis

$15 at the Door (Cash Preferred)

$12 Advance Tickets at http://www.bettersaidthandone.com/storytelling-shows/


Roar: True Tales Of Women Warriors

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