While I’m gathering up interviews for my blog series on Local Storytellers, I took a moment to do some research. Translation: I got sucked into the YouTube video vortex watching Storytelling. Donald Davis is considered by many to be among the best to tell stories. In this TEDx talk he did a few years ago, he talk about why he tells stories. Of course, he did it in a story. Also, there may still be time to catch him in Fincastle, VA this week end (http://www.soundsofthemountains.org/?fbclid=IwAR1fsFIvpDSLL7398ZOLVu9GkIA0680kNO_d70kbvpYx3jS6ArRdsYfw-0Q)  Enjoy!

TEDx Talk Dec 2014

One thought on “The Storyteller’s Storyteller

  1. I took a storytelling workshop with Donald Davis at Omega Institute in 1992/93. I learned quite a bit from him and he also confirmed some of the things I had already discovered about audiences and what they’re looking for in a story. It’s great you’re featuring him on your blog, because he’s definitely one of the best in the oral tradition.


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