I’m the sort of person who is constantly looking for ways to improve myself. So when a friend recommended to me to the “The One Minute Manager”, written by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, book, I figured it would be right up my alley. It was. At the end of 107 pages what I found was a story that packed full of meaning. Especially for the office.

What got me is the approach. Think of the book as an Aesop Fable or Doctor Seuss story made just for business. The story is that a young man is looking to be a better manager, and is seeking out counsel on how to do just that. In speaking with the mentor, he also speaks with three other managers at the company that help to illustrate a particular principle meant to be taught. We get to follow along in the journey from person to person, office to office, lesson to lesson. If we are paying attention, we are improving right along with the main character.

This book has gotten great reviews, and it makes sense why. A simple, easy read that has practical business application. There are 2 main audience that this book is deal for. One, the group looking to be better managers and leaders. The other, is anyone looking for an example of how to use storytelling to teach in a compelling way. People who have read the book often describe it as easy read and easy to understand. I have a copy in hard back, but soft cover and ebook options are all over the place.

Which is exactly why I like it. Story telling is not just entertaining. It can be thought provoking and educational. It can be used to better your organization as well as better yourself. This book proves to be another way to tell a story, on purpose.

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