Greetings all! I’m happy to hear stories every single day. This Feb 2021, it seems like the storytelling word is going to give it a try! It’s going to be exciting because:

  1. The National Storytelling Week has started all around the world (30 Jan – 6 Feb). There will be shows and Festivals and kinds of things to commemorate the event. You can start off by checking out the link here: ( Society for Storytelling ) Then between the blog I published ( Storytelling Shows in Feb ) and the Facebook Group ( Virtual Storytelling Shows ) find a show to celebrate whenever you can!
  2. Feb is known to be the month of love. There are tons of shows all month long that will showcase stories that cover the full range of emotions. You can love your family or love ice cream or even love both. No boundaries here!
  3. Here in the US, it is also Black History Month. This year will show the importance of hearing everyone’s story. Unity can’t happen if voices are excluded. The Theme for this year is The Black Family. Read more about what the Black History Month is and the Theme here ( ASALH )

Oh, and by the way; I’m telling stories and jokes and talking to folks! I am lucky enough to have a chance to bring laughter and entertainment to folks by way of the shows I happen to be in for the month of February. Come hear stories and jokes with a host of people in a number of shows. Some are free, some have a cost, and some are donations. All are going to be great time. Hope to see you there. Click on the link below for the listing:

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