I always feel really fortunate to be on shows and interacting with folks. Besides, giving laughter as a gift is fairly cheap, easy, and donesn’t have a supply chain problem! To round off the month, I’ll be:

The host on a show with Artist Standing Strong Together (ASST),

I’ll be reuniting with the others from Clean AF Comedy Show for a special Christmas show. That means there are months of individual sheniagains about to collide on one show. Get Ready!

And I’ll be starting the new year off with an interfaith comedy show at a synagogue. That’s not a typo, yes a synagogue. The show will have other comics of different religious faiths doing jokes about our own religions. God might even drop in a do a few jokes. He’s quite the comedian!

For more info, check out the “More About Nick Baskerville” page. Thanks!

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