The good news about this post: I have added even more Pages to this listing from last year. The not so good news: it’s just one long listing. Just like last year, these are the ones that I know and am connected to. There are many, many more out there. Some are pages done by phenomenal storytellers that I know. Some are by phenomenal storytellers that I don’t know personally but are doing great things. Some pages are even organizations or places where storytelling is a part of what they offer to the public.

Like the Facebook groups blog post, what inspired me to share this post is that this is one of the ways I am learning storytelling. The different kinds of storytelling, the crafting of stories, the storytelling events, what people are doing with it, what it means to society, what it can mean for the future. These pages have a wide range of info to learn from and use.

Trust me, there are a lot more out there. Use these as your starting points, but know that these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to immersing yourself in the world of storytelling.

One last thing. Take your time with this list. Save it somewhere and come back to it. The list has grown significantly since last year. It took me a few hours to get all the links in here. It will take at least that long to check out the links.

Facebook Storytelling Pages

DC, MD, VA local people and places

Around the US and the world

One thought on “Connecting Storytellers and Storylisteners 2022: Facebook (Metaverse) Pages

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