Since today is Valentine’s Day here in the U.S. , here is a post for story lovers everywhere! Next up in my series of Connecting Storytellers to Storytellers, let’s talk about websites and blogs. When I started this blog, Story Telling On Purpose, I just wanted to share the information I found in the world of storytelling. It’s not that I know everything about storytelling; I just want to share what I have learned thus far. There are many others who are doing the same. Even better than what I am doing. Below is a 2022 list of some websites and blogs I have checked out to date. There are no doubt many more out there. This list is even longer than the list I had last year. There is no particular order to the list, so make sure to take your time moving through it. Let me know in the comments what storytelling websites and blogs you visit. They can be yours, or someone else’s. Not only would I love to know about it, I’m sure others would too!

P.S. – I’m sure there are storytellers I know, but don’t have your website listed here. Don’t take it personally. I just didn’t get had trouble getting them all. Thanks for understanding!

Individual Storyteller

Group or Organization

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